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ODMHC Meetings
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2014 High Point Award
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Letter from the President:

Welcome to the home of the Old Dominion Miniature Horse Club of Virginia (ODMHC). The club was formed in 2011 to promote and stimulate the sale, breeding, exhibition, and ownership of the Miniature Horse in Virginia and beyond. Virginia and Miniature Horses have a long and prestigious history. We aim to put Virginia back on the top of the industry. ODMHC is sanctioned by AMHA and AMHR.

Our plans include starting a Virginia-Bred Incentive Fund offering paybacks to reward the showing of Miniature Horses bred in Virginia. You do not have to be a Virginia resident, just a member of the club to participate. All 2011 foals bred and born in the Commonwealth of Virginia may be nominated by December 31, 2011. Future years will abide by the rules and regulations of the Virginia-Bred Program and Incentive Fund.

We also plan to bring a sanctioned AMHA/AMHR show back to Virginia along with Virginia-Bred Futurity classes.

These are big ambitions, but we are dedicated to the cause. Please consider joining us. If you are new to the wonderful world of minis, any of the club members are at the ready to assist and advise you. Just inquire.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you will consider joining us in this exciting venture.

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We are now PayPal verified. You can pay membership dues, stallion nomination fees, mare nomination fees and foal nomination fees through PayPal. The forms can be opened in Word, filled out and saved. Then attach them to an e-mail and submit. Of course you can still mail a check and the forms if you want, all the information is on the bottom of the new forms.

We are trying to make it as easy as possible for new members and our existing members. Our goal is to be able to do everything online. We're not there yet, but we are working diligently on this feature.

starPlease be sure to check out the Marketplace page for all your animal needs. Be it Horses, Dogs, Cats, Chickens, or maybe you need a new trailer hitch we have a good variety of stores to choose from. Including We are working to add more. So check back when your ready to place an order and see if that merchant has been added.

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Sales and Services page is up and running. Be sure and visit, there are some great horses for sale.

We are now participating in the Southern States S.H.O.W. Program. Turning empty feed bags into cash is easy with Southern States Special Horse Organization Winner’s (S.H.O.W.) Program.

How does my organization make money?

Just by doing what you’re already doing – giving your horses Southern States® horse feed. Your organization can earn 25¢ for each proof of purchase seal from Southern States, Legends® and Triple Crown® and designated Southern States horse feed bags. You can even earn $10 per ton on Southern States, Legends and Triple Crown pelleted feed. All you have to do is collect the proof of purchase seal found on the back or side of horse feed bags. Feed tags are not accepted. For bulk feed purchases, you need to submit the original customer copy of the delivery tickets.

How do we get our money, and are there restrictions on how the money can be used?

We collect proof of purchase seals from our members. Submit them to Southern States and our organization will be notified of the current account balance. To receive your money, send us a written request letting us know how the funds will be used. All funds from S.H.O.W. must be used for events that specifically benefit the horse industry. Southern States should be mentioned as a sponsor of any events S.H.O.W. money is used for, and Southern States representatives should be allowed to attend those events.

Who do I send my proof of purchase seals to?

You will send them to your organizations Southern States contact person which is Bill Hollar 12712 Port Republic Rd. Grottoes, VA 24441. Who will in turn count and bundle them and send them to Southern States.

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Cart - Halter clinic

The Mike McCabe Halter/Cart Clinic was a big success. Everyone had a great time and much was learned by all. We all look forward to the next clinic. Check out the pictures!

Congratulations to are winners in the daily drawings:

Lorraine Eisanhuth Milmont, PA - Purina 50lb. bag miniature horse feed
Judy Rennyson Culpeper, VA - Purina 50lb.bag miniature horse feed
Michelle Lowery Limestone, TN - miniature horse cooler/sheet
Jane Smith Levels, WV - miniature horse blanket
Barbara Havins Levels, WV - clipper care cd
Kathy Smith Berryville, VA - clipper care cd
Alexann Rahimi Raleigh, NC - measuring cup

Thanks again
Lynn Gulledge, Janet Lewis, Bill and Carol Hollar

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Congratulations to Darlene Bridges at Minimotion Miniature Horses in Winston-Salem NC. for winning the Harness in the ODMHC Raffle

We want to thank all those that bought tickets and supported the club in our first raffle.

The Drawing for the Harness was held July 14th at the ODMHC meeting.

Basic Show harness

This harness has all the trimmings. It is great for just getting started. The bridle is convertible from overcheck to sidecheck. The reins are buckle on, black with russet ends. Accent trim on the browband, caveson, and backsaddle. Choice of trim: black, gold, silver, red, burgundy, purple, and blue.

We are raffling off this Show Harness to help raise money for ODMHC.
There will be a maximum of 150 tickets sold.
This Harness sells for $435 at Star Lake Tack and can be exchanged for a B size halter. Or you can add some money and upgrade to a fancier Show Harness.

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Old Dominion Miniature Horse Club Meeting Information


We would like to welcome our 2013 Board members:

Lynn Gulledge - President
Janet Lewis - Vice President
Carol Hollar - Secretary
Bill Hollar - Treasurer
Director - Skye Weber
Director - Julie Garrett
Director - Jason Warrenfeltz

12-9-12 Meeting minutes (word doc)
12-9-12 Meeting Presentation (power point)

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Important Dates VBP and Attention VBP Participants

Important Dates for the VBP

Please visit VBP Rules and Regulations for more detailed Info, and Due Dates/Fees/Nomination Forms.

Attention all Virginia Bred Program participants.

As we get closer to the end of the 2012 show season, here is a checklist of things you need to do to be elgible for any payouts.

Anyone that my have sold a VBP nominated foal please make sure you remind the purchaser of the above rules and have them visit the Rules and Regulations page for more information.

For complete detail on the Rules and Regulations of the VBP click here

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Va., W.Va. participate in new horse travel permit

Monday - 1/14/2013, 9:20am ET

RICHMOND, Va. - Virginia and West Virginia are among more than a dozen states participating in a new interstate travel permit for horse events. Virginia state veterinarian Dr. Richard Wilkes says the Equine Interstate Event Permit allows horses and their owners to travel to events in participating states for six months. The permit can be used in lieu of a 30-day certificate of veterinary inspection. The permit can be obtained from an accredited veterinarian. Other participating states include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and New York. More Information can be found at the Virginia Horse Industry Board website. 

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2013 AMHR High Points Award Winners

AMHR Hi Point Amateur - Over = John Eckbold
AMHR Hi Point Amateur - Under = Tammie Coxe
AMHR Hi Point Youth - Claire Neinest
AMHR Hi Point Performance - Over = John Eckbold
AMHR Hi Point Performance - Under = (tie) Carol Hollar and Katie Fitzpatrick

2013 AMHA High Points Award Winners
AMHA Hi Point Amateur - Katie Wilkins
AMHA Hi Point Performance - Katie Wilkins
AMHA Hi Point Classic Pleasure Driving Horse - Amanda Benton / Brittany Mitchell Schultze
AMHA Hi Point Country Pleasure Driving Horse - Mack & Tammie Coxe
AMHA Hi Point Single Pleasure Driving Horse - No entries
AMHA Hi point Youth - Austen Warrenfeltz

How points were calculated

For those classes that you had one horse one handler.....Ii took each handler with that horse and wrote them down. I went through all of the classes that were listed for the awards.....points system: First place got 6 points, Second place got 5 points, Third place got 4 points, Fourth place got 3 points, Fifth place got 2 points and Sixth got one point.

Each judge placing is how points were given....example....Judge A you got a First place....6 points....Judge B gave you 4th place.....3 points and Judge C gave you a points

That class would have been....14 points total. Went through all of the classes, wrote every horse/handler combination and each horse/handler combination got their points. There were  bunch of classes where there were different horses for a handler.  

For the high point horse...again wrote down each horse and went through all of those classes that were listed and wrote down all of the points that horse earned....also most of those performance classes that were listed had no participation.

Amateur and Youth High point was one horse one handler...again, if a youth or amateur showed more than one horse, then I wrote down their name with one horse, their name with another horse and each horse/handler combination was given their points....not added all together.


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2014 AMHR High Points Award Winners

High Point Amateur Under - Nina O'Bryan, Knollac Buck Echos Lightning Spirit
High Point Amateur Over - Robert Walsh, WA-Full Unique Silk
High Point Youth -Rachael Weibling, Knollac Pistol Packin Rebelaire
High Point Performance Under - Sunswept's Blazin Hot Eclipse
High Point Performance Over - Buckeye WCF 2 Hot 2B Blues Melody

2014 AMHA High Points Award Winners
High Point Amateur - Darlene David
High Point Youth - Kelby Warrenfeltz
High Point Performance (Open) - Aloha Acres A Silent Affair
High Point Classic Pleasure Driving- Ash Creek Dance N Queen
High Point Country Pleasure Driving- Hi Steppin Rainbows Rumors R Flying
High Point Single Pleasure Driving -
Bar NS Milani Moon

Club Members busy promoting the versatility of the Miniature Horse:

A couple of ODMHC club members have recently added another item to the list of answers to that old chestnut: What do you do with a Miniature Horse? Nancy Wheeler and Judy Rennyson both from Culpeper VA have successfully completed the course work and evaluations to become Delta Society Pet Partners Therapy Teams with their miniature horses. Nancy’s organization, Cavallini di Amore*(Love of Little Horses), had two additional group members meet the qualifications as well. We have many therapy dates on the calendar for the summer and are looking forward to watching the minis work their magic. Nancy’s farm, Brandy Manor, is also a sanctuary and shelter for miniature horses who have come upon hard times in one way or another. These horses are cared for, seen by vet and farrier, and trained with the goal that they will eventually be fostered, adopted or used in the youth or therapy program at the farm. * Cavallini di Amore is a non-profit tax-exempt organization 501c3, registered in the state of Virginia, running entirely on contributions, program fees and donations. Its owners, directors and volunteers work without compensation.

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Jan 2014 Club Meeting Update:

Thanks to all that attended the meeting Sunday the 5th. It was a good turnout even know the weather was a little unpredictable. We are working hard to get the meeting minutes put together to make available for everyone and will post them here when they are ready.

Meeting minutes are now available click here for word and here for pdf format.

But one of the major things discused in the meeting was the cost of showing at the Summer Sizzle. We will be crunching some numbers over the next couple days to see if we can lower the costs to help make it more affordable for everyone to show at the Spring Thaw Show May 2, 3, and 4 2014.

Another benefit of being a member of
The Old Dominion Miniature Horse Club

Ever wonder if you could afford advertising your farm for a whole year in the premier trade magazines for miniature horses, AMHA’s Miniature Horse World or AMHR’s The Journal? Well by being a member of the ODMHC and the power in numbers, you can be part of a half page add in both magazine for $180 a year that’s only $15.00 a month. That gets your Farm name, member names, city, state, zip, phone number and website address in all 6 issues of both magazines. WOW what a deal.

Not only will it promote your farm and help prospective customers looking for minis in your area find you, it will also promote ODMHC and its goals and help drive membership for the club.

As we all know in tough times usually advertising is the last thing on our minds but in reality it should be the first thing. If you stop advertising you will discount any new clients that your ad my generate or refresh memories of existing clients.

If $180 is just out of the question what about $110 or $70? Again the power of numbers come into play. If you prefer to advertise in only one or the other of the magazines you can be part of the same half page add in AMHA for less than $10 a month ($110 year) or AMHR for less than $6.00 month ($70 year).

So by skipping a Star Bucks run or a McDonalds run every once and awhile you could put your farm name out for all to see for a whole year.

Ads are submitted to the magazines about 6 to 8 weeks in advance.  You can pay for your ads in two ways,

  1. half of the year total, AMHA is $55.00, AMHR is $35.00 or both for $90.00
  2. or the whole year all at once AMHA $110, AMHR $70 or both for $180

Please email us if you would be interested.

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2015 Spring Thaw High Point Winners AMHA
High Point Youth - Kelby Warrenfeltz/La Vista Justified
High Point Amateur - Martha Duchnowski/Lucky Four Rowdys Radiant
High Point Performance - Timeless Truly Sensational/Lynn Gulledge-Fatale & Yvette Mooney
High Point Country Pleasure - Calloways Hello Dolly/Amanda Benton
High Point Classic Pleasure - Knells Spin To Win/Douglas Sherwood

2015 Spring Thaw High Point Winners AMHR
High Point Youth - Rachael Weibling/Knollacs Pistol Packin Rebelaire
High Point Amateur - Under - Martha Duchnowski/Lucky Four Rowdys Radiant
High Point Amateur - Over - Robert Walsh/SCJ Spotlight On Me
High Point Performance - Under - Dale Dean/Wonder Horses Romeos Royal of CC
High Point Performance - Over - James Jacobs/Wonder Horses Bold Banana Hawk

2016 Spring Thaw High Point Winners AMHR

High Point Youth - Sarah Benton w/Calloways Hello Dolly
High Point Amateur Under- Jessica Morris w/SRF Noble Attitude
High Point Amateur Over - Matthew Wilson w/Buckeye WCF Right On Target
High Point Performance Under - Lucky Four Rowdys Radiant/Martha Duchnowski
High Point Performance Over - Irongate Miniatures Scooter/Katie Pitts

2016 Spring Thaw High Point Winners AMHA

High Point Youth - La Vista Justified w/Kelby Warrenfeltz
High Point Amateur - Indian Rain Dance w/Jennifer Zonghetti
High Point Open Performance - Tiny Piney Kimbas Dark Shadow/Mike & Betty Buice
High Point Classic Pleasure Driving - Ash Creek Dancing Queen/Amanda Benton
High Point Country Pleasure Driving - Calloways Hello Dolly/Amanda Benton

2018 Spring Thaw High Point Winners AMHR
2018 AMHR Results

High Point Youth Under– Brynn Longley - Green Creek Minis All That N More
Hight Point Youth Over - Madison Jamaitus
Amateur Under – Martha Duchnowski - Jones 2 Grande 2 Boogie
Amateur Over – Jennifer McClanahan - Buckeye WCF Classical Leslie
Performance Under – S Bar P's Star of Royalty
Performance Over – Lymricks Vegas Winnings TNTC

Super Gelding AMHR
Gelding Under –Jones 2 Grande @ Boogie
Gelding Over – Wonder Horse Bold Banana Hawk

2018 AMHA Results
High Point Awards AMHA

Youth – Even Manning - Balmy Breezes Autumn Blue Sky
Amateur – Emilie Burgin - Libertys Dream Little Sugar
Performance – Even Manning - Balmy Breezes Autumn Blue Sky
Classic Driving – Tammie Coxe - Rusty Nails Redneck Romeo
Country Driving – Scout Burdette - Phantom Scour of Classic View
Single Driving – Clinton Jury - Classic Views Rockin Storm

Super Gelding AMHA
Martha Duchnowski - Jones 2 Grand 2 Boogie

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2019 Spring Thaw High Points

High Point Winners AMHR

High Point Youth - Brynn Longley
High Point Performance Under - Trai Fix w/Coolest Hawks Sophistication
High Point Performance - Over - Dale Dean w/LOF Happy Hour
High Point Amateur Under - Beverly Trice w/Wonder Horses Boot Scootin Banana
High Point Amateur Over - Lindsay Palmer w/Stellars Major Hi Way Roadrage

High Point Awards AMHA

High Point Youth - Evan Manning w/Balmy Breezes Autumn Blu Sky
High Point Amateur - Martha Duchnowski w/Jones 2 Grande 2 Boogie
High Point Performance - Balmy Breezes Autumn Blu Sky
High Point Classic Pleasure Driving - TOMF Dancing In The Spotlight
High Point Country Pleasure Driving - Simply Irresistable CKM


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